4 Essential Athletic Pieces You Need For Every Workout

If you want to gain confidence in the gym, you need to know that your gym apparel can handle even your most challenging workouts. Your gym clothes should keep up with you, and that is why Fit Real has provided a list of the four essential athletic wear you need for every workout. With Fit Real’s athletic apparel, you can experience the best workout clothes for women, made by women. Shop our athletic apparel to gain confidence in your gym clothes.


Tops and Jackets

When you step foot in your gym, you want to look great while feeling supported. With Fit Real’s workout tops for women, you can look stylish while also having the support you need for your workout. Warm up and cool down, in style, with Fit Real’s athletic jackets. Our jackets and tops are made with breathable and moisture-locking material, giving you the confidence to sweat it out while keeping dry.


Workout sets have become a staple in gym fashion over the past two years, and for a good reason. Athletic sets are not only fashionable, but they are also practical in your workout. With a comfortable top and a matching pair of leggings or shorts, you can feel unstoppable with an athletic set. Step into your gym in head-to-toe style with Fit Real’s active sets.



When shopping for gym pants, there are a lot of essential factors to consider. You have to make sure your leggings are comfortable, squad proof, moisture-wicking, and can withstand even your most strenuous workouts. Luckily, Fit Real’s athletic leggings can withstand your workouts with ease! Browse through our wide selection of athletic leggings, guaranteed to keep up with your workouts and daily tasks.



All fitness fashion shifted for the better when the biker short was introduced to the athletic apparel industry. Biker shorts are fashionable and have given women the ability to have the same support of leggings, with more breathability. Shop through our selection of high-quality shorts to enhance your gym fashion.

Step into your gym with complete confidence from head to toe. Wearing Fit Real’s athletic apparel gives you the confidence to push through your most challenging workout or to complete daily tasks around the house. Feel confident when you work out with Fit Real’s athletic apparel made for women by women.