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The Fits Real Mission

Our mission is to provide quality apparel at affordable prices so everyone can feel their best every day. Not only does our apparel keep you looking sexy, it keeps money in your pocket. By sourcing our fabrics and apparel from Colombia, we're providing our customers with the same strong, sexy values that we treasure.
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Who We Are

We are a veteran-owned business that believes that finding great sports apparel for women should be as easy as possible (and that you should be able to have fun doing it!) That's why Fits Real always starts with the highest quality fabrics to ensure a great fit, a great look, and real, long-lasting comfort. From leggings and shorts to a variety of tops and jackets, Fits Real is where fitness starts.

All of our clothing is hand-crafted in the heart of Colombia and every dollar that you spend in our store, helps the business of the women who make our quality clothing every day!

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Look And Feel Your Best

When you are working to look and feel your best, you deserve women's workout apparel that allows you to be all that you imagined you could be. Take a look at our online store now to find matched sets or individual pieces that fit your style and your unique journey.

We know that you'll love our colorful, boldly designed shorts, leggings, and tops. The fabrics that we use are on the cutting edge, meaning that they protect you from perspiration while hiding cellulite and enhancing your gorgeous natural shape. Fits Real sportswear will allow you to feel confident while you're continuing to hone your body.

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Shop with us today to find affordable, beautiful, and highly functional women's workout apparel that will last. We've put our all into these products in order to give you clothes that will make you feel and look great while you pursue your goals. Check out our online store now to find the sportswear that will inspire you to keep pushing yourself to the heights we know you're capable of!
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